Friday, February 18, 2011

Paige's Visit

Paige came to visit from Madrid last weekend! Friday was the nicest day we've had since I've been in Paris. With the blessing of warm weather and sunshine, we spent the afternoon wandering through the Tuileries Garden, Place de la Concorde and window shopping on the Champs-Élysées. We came back to my dorm and went out to dinner at a nearby restaurant, Le Petit Baigneur. The restaurant was charming and noisy with the chatter of French couples. The restaurant walls were lined with old French signs and iconic posters. I ate a salad of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto, a baked fish dish that came at the recommendation of the waiter (it was somewhat like fish mashed potatoes with cheese on top...) and then creme caramel for dessert. After dinner we met up with some of my friends and walked around the Latin Quarter at night. We sat by the Seine, beautifully reflecting the city lights and the moon in its waters.  
Place de la Concorde
In front of the Saint Michel Fountain
Alexandra and Vanessa by the Seine
The next day, we went to Dominique Saibron, this great bakery near where I live, for breakfast. I had a delicious pain au chocolat et amandes, and a cafe creme. We then made our way to the Arc de Triumph. We climbed the 200 some steps to the top of the arc for a beautiful view of the city. After we descended the arc, we set off on a gastronomical adventure. We went to Fachon, a gourmet food market of sorts where we ate lunch and then picked up some madeleines and chocolates. Then we headed to Laduree, famous for its macarons. We picked some of their traditional flavors like vanilla and caramel, and also some of those more unique like violet and cassis, coffee and cardamom, and my favorite - rouge madame - berries and rose.

At Laduree for macarons!
Under the Arc de Triumph

The next day we went to breakfast with some of Paige's friends from Tulane at a place in Marais called Breakfast in America. And, to no surprise, it was exactly what the name suggests. Eggs, toast, pancakes and coffee. It was great, and a nice taste of home. Afterwards we headed to the Eiffel Tower, as no visit to Paris would be complete without a visit there. It was a great weekend and so nice to share it with an old friend!

With Paige in front of the Eiffel Tower

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